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GI Fix

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This 30 day program will most likely be the most complete, beneficial, full-body rejuvenating program you have ever experienced! In addition to restoring your digestive tract, you will be rebooting your metabolism, detoxifying your body, improving nutrient absorption, pinpointing and reducing food sensitivities, increasing energy, improving mental clarity, and experiencing just how well you are capable of feeling.

The G.I. Fix Program encompasses "The 5 R’s of Functional Medicine" by first addressing the dietary component and providing a blueprint to REMOVE problematic foods and excessive calories. The next 4 steps include utilizing specific clinical-grade nutraceuticals to: REPLACE digestive enzymes essential for digestion, REINOCULATE the beneficial bacteria of the gut, RESTORE the integrity of the gastrointestinal lining and REBALANCE the body’s immune and inflammatory responses. 

This 30 day program will allow you to “wipe the slate clean” and create a fresh start by improving the health, integrity and function of one of your most vital organ systems – your G.I. tract.

This 30-day kit includes:  + Program Guide + COR Digest (90 capsules) + COR Tri-Flora (60 capsules) + GlutaCOR (30 servings) + COR Complete (30 packets) 

This step in the GI Fix program is incredibly important, and key to any diet, detox or disease prevention/treatment program. This phase involves the removal of harmful chemicals, pesticides, food additives, and many common allergy/sensitivity producing foods.

To help you optimize your gut function and integrity as fast as possible, this program includes a hybrid dietary plan which incorporates many Paleo principles and specific components of the 21-Day Comprehensive Elimination Diet as developed by the Institute for Functional Medicine. 

This step involves replacing digestive enzymes required for the proper digestion of food. Symptoms of chronic bloating, gas or reflux after eating are often the result of a lack of the digestive enzymes required to break down and digest food. When these enzymes are deficient, the digestive system can't properly digest food resulting in these unpleasant symptoms and potential future health conditions. The formula included in this program contains professional quality digestive enzymes to help support your digestion.

Bringing back or reinoculating the "friendly" bacteria of your gut is key to regain proper functioning, and can be done through the use of well-research and medically documented probiotics. When used properly, in the right amounts, specific probiotic combinations can improve intestinal immunity, restore health gut flora, improve intestinal barrier function, and essentially improve the function of the entire body.

This step focuses on repairing the intestinal lining. The cells that make up the intestinal lining are constantly subject to stress caused by chemical, bacterial, and inflammatory insults. These cells are the first line of defense for our body to fight infection and keep out toxins. They are also the gateways to allow crucial vitamins and nutrients to be taken up into the bloodstream. GI mucosal cell regeneration is a natural process that can be very effectively supported through quality, targeted nutrition, as well as key ingredients such as glutamine, deglycyrrhizinized licorice (DGL), and aloe.

To maintain a healthy gut, it's vital that you make healthy lifestyle choices, such as continuing to eat right, get enough sleep, and exercise regularly. Managing, or "balancing" stress levels can significantly impact your ability to heal and optimize all of the body's systems - especially the gut. The final formula included in GI Fix was designed to promote balance throughout the entire body to minimize inflammation and restore the integrity and function of the gastrointestinal lining.