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GI Fix

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The G.I. Fix Program encompasses "The 5 R’s of Functional Medicine" by first addressing the dietary component by REMOVING problematic foods and excessive calories. The next 4 steps include utilizing specific clinical-grade nutraceuticals to: REPLACE digestive enzymes essential for digestion, REINOCULATE the beneficial bacteria of the gut, RESTORE the integrity of the gastrointestinal lining and REBALANCE the body’s immune and inflammatory responses. 

This 30 day program will allow you to “wipe the slate clean” and create a fresh start by improving the health, integrity and function of one of your most vital organ systems – your G.I. tract. In addition to restoring your digestive tract, you will be rebooting your metabolism, detoxifying your body, improving nutrient absorption, pinpointing and reducing food sensitivities, increasing energy, reducing aches and pains, improving mental clarity and experiencing just how well you are capable of feeling.

This 30-day kit includes:  + Program Guide + COR Digest (90 capsules) + COR Tri-Flora (60 capsules) + GlutaCOR (30 servings) + COR Complete (30 packets)